New cars, motorbike and work vehicles models, now supported by K-TAG SM (Service Mode)!

Thanks to the new K-Suite update, the number of vehicles supported by K-TAG is increasing more and more!

This release is mainly focused on the Asian and Russian markets, including numerous models of cars in those markets; from today, in fact, new cars and commercial vehicles will be supported, such as UAZ Patriot, Honda Accord, Mitsubishi Canter, Honda Accord, CR-V and Hyundai Accent. But that’s not all, in fact, there are new motorbike Royal Enfield model and also work vehicles such as Thaco, Shacman, Xcmg, Sinotruck, Chenglong.

Become increasingly competitive in the chiptuning field! From today, with K-TAG SM (Service Mode), you can read and write, without opening the ECU, the ECU Bosch ME17.2.42, ME17.9.71, EDC17CV44, ME17.9.7, EDC17CP06, EDC17CP15, EDC17CP16. You can also read the ECU KEFICO CPGDSH through the standard Bootloader Tricore connection.

K-TAG SM (Service Mode), how does it work? Read and write by connecting directly through the connector pins, thus reducing the risk of damaging the ECU by opening it, speeding up the steps.

Do you already have the new SM activation? The new K-TAG SM (Service Mode) contains many communication protocols that will give you access to an ever-wider market!

Do you want to discover all the vehicles compatible with K-TAG?

Nuove centraline supportate da K-TAG con Service Mode (SM)

New ECUs supported by K-TAG with Service Mode (SM)

Model ECU Functions
Chenglong M7 10.0LBosch EDC17CV44RD, WR
Honda Accord CL 2.2 i-DTECBosch EDC17CP06RD, WR
Honda Accord CU 2.2 16v i-DTECBosch EDC17CP16RD, WR
Honda Accord CW 2.2 16v i-DTECBosch EDC17CP16RD, WR
Honda Accord Tourer CW 2.2 i-DTECBosch EDC17CP16RD, WR
Honda Accord Type-S CU 2.2 16v i-DTECBosch EDC17CP16RD, WR
Honda Accord Type-S CW 2.2 16v i-DTECBosch EDC17CP16RD, WR
Honda CR-V RE 2.2 16v i-DTECBosch EDC17CP16RD, WR
Hyundai Accent RB 1.6 16v GDIKefico CPGDSH1.26.1 RD, WR
Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 3.0 DDIBosch EDC17CP15RD, WR
Royal Enfield Continental GT 650ccBosch ME17.9.71RD, WR
Royal Enfield Interceptor 650ccBosch ME17.9.71RD, WR
Shacman F2000 12.0L WP12 Dump TruckBosch EDC17CV44RD, WR
Sinotruk Howo 10.5L D10.380Bosch EDC17CV44RD, WR
Thaco Bus 12.0L WP12Bosch EDC17CV44RD, WR
UAZ Patriot 2.7 16vBosch ME17.9.7RD, WR
Xcmg NXG 12.0L WP12Bosch EDC17CV44RD, WR


Allowing someone to work on the mechanics and on the electronics of your own motorbike means to really trust a team that must be composed only by expert tuners. Who decides to modify the ECU of his motorbike has the real need to make it more personal under any point of view. To personalize its behaviour on the road and in the track, according to your own needs, gives to the vehicle the unique driving style of its owner.


The work of chiptuning on duty vehicles must not be underestimated: road tractors, lorries, road tankers, trucks, big rig trucks, industrial and commercial vehicles. An optimization of parameters to reduce consumption! You can make a mapped file for any situation, according to the requests of your customer.


The goal is the same: increase the engine torque and reduce consumption. Just a simple change in the work vehicles ECU and the performance radically improves. That garage can be yours. In these latest years, this kind of vehicle as well has become a good part of the market and the requests for specific calibrations have increased considerably.


To remap the ECU, editing the parameters of the engine, is possible also for all the vehicles of the marine world. From water bikes to offshore powerboats, from ferries to boats: on these vehicles it’s possible to work on the ECUs too, to improve performance and save on consumption.

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