Volvo Trucks E4-E5-E6 in Bootmode and Service Mode.

We support the most popular trucks in the world, equipped with ECU TRW EMS2.2, EMS2E5, EMS2.3 EMS2.4 first, second and third generation.

New software update for trucks, especially Volvo trucks equipped with the ECU TRW EMS2.2, EMS2.3 EMS2.4 first, second and third generation with dozens of different engines, equipped on hundreds of heavy equipment, among the most popular in the world!

Volvo Trucks FH, FL, FM or VN, Renault Truck T-Model and many other are now supported by K-TAG and added to the largest vehicles list in the sector.

Volvo and Renault trucks – ECU and motors available

Volvo Trucks Engine D5 D7 D8 D9
  D5K D7F D7E D8K D9B
TRW EMS2.2 Gen2
TRW EMS2 E5 xxx
TRW EMS2.3x  x 
TRW EMS2.4   x
Volvo Trucks Engine D11 D13 D16
  D11B D11C D11K D13A D13B D13C D13K D13TC D16G D16K
TRW EMS2.2 Gen2xxxxx
TRW EMS2 E5xxxx x
TRW EMS2.3 x   xx
TRW EMS2.4     xxx
Renault Trucks Engine DTI 5 DTI 8 DTI 11 DTI 13 DXI 11 DXI 13
TRW EMS2.2 Gen2xxx
TRW EMS2.3xxxx  
TRW EMS2.4 x x 

New cable Volvo Trucks

To work on the Volvo Trucks TRW EMS2 ECUs you need to use the new 144300T115 cable, available now!

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Concrete solutions, real cases to work better and with error margins minimized. With this update, elaborations, repairs and cloning of the ECUs versions become extraordinary commune procedures!

The 7 protocols that are added to the K-Suite management software offer you the opportunity to intervene on two different modalities: Service Mode and Bootmode.

Service Mode: directly read and write the microprocessor of the ECU, flash memory and EEPROM without opening the ECU. In this case, you connect directly to the ECU connectors with the 144300T115 cable!

Boot Mode: read and write with OPEN ECU the deeper parts, connecting the tool to the electronic board.

Centraline disponibili e metodi di lavoro

K-TAG Mode JTAG Nexus MPC5xxx JTAG Freescale SPC5xxx Service Mode FULL RD/WR
TRW EMS2.2 Gen2x xx
TRW EMS2 E5x xx
TRW EMS2.3 xxx
TRW EMS2.4 xxx


The D16 motor, equipped on the newest and impressive Volvo FH, is available in 550, 650 or 750 CV versions and up to 3550 Nm engine torque. These engines are more efficient than ever. But you know well how much, with the right interventions, you can get the maximum from the fuel you consume. Vehicles of these types need to be recalibrated very carefully and for an experienced tuner like you is a job that gives incredible satisfactions. With this update, read and write without opening the ECU.


Thanks to this update, full reading and writing to repair in security the ECU. You avoid your customers from replacing one the most expensive part of the vehicle and for you new and profitable business opportunities! The Service Mode protocols we offer are the most concrete and real answer: we offer you reliable solutions that make your job faster, easier and safer.

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