K-TAG Bootmode: new Toyota Quantum protocol.

Read, write, and clone ECU Denso with microprocessor 76F0040AGD Equipped on the new Toyota Quantum.

We introduce a new protocol to work with K-TAG Bootmode on the brand-new Toyota Quantum. It is the fifth generation of one of the most versatile and with the greatest possible configurations van on the market: minivan, minibus, panel van… In the vehicle list we support the TRH200 model in production since 2016 until today.

A vehicle so widespread and diversified needs dedicated interventions and recalibrations, depending on the specific functions and necessities. Thanks to K-TAG, you can operate in Bootmode directly on the micro NBD NEC 76F0040AGD and you can read, write, and clone the ECU safely. Do you want a thoughtless recalibration? Follow the instructions of the technical manuals, always up to date and in your own language!


Model ECU Functions
Toyota Quantum TRH200Denso 275136-1910 76F0040AGDRD, WR, Clone

K-TAG allows you to get to the heart of the ECU and TCU to read and write microprocessor, EEPROM and flash memory. With K-TAG it is also possible to make advanced changes, backup operations and “cloning” of the ECU.

The perfect choice for an expert professional, which requires a reliable, safe and highly professional tool.