K-TAG Service Mode: new protocol to work on the ECUS Bosch MG1CP007.

Remap the new Porsche 992 without opening the ECU!

New protocol for reading and writing in Service Mode through K-TAG. A functionality that allows you to remap the ECUS Bosch MG1CP007 without ever having to open the ECU.

The ECU Bosch MG1CP007 with microcontroller TC299 is equipped on the new 911 Porsche from 2019 to 2021. Thanks to this protocol, it will be much faster and easier to intervene on this ECU, because you won’t have to open the ECU. You will be able to satisfy many more customers: your work will be faster and more efficient. Thank to the new K-TAG functionality, you will offer to your customers the best Porsche they could want, for an exclusive, personal, and satisfying driving experience.

Bosch MG1CP007

Model ECU Functions
Porsche 911 Carrera 992 3.0 V6 24v Turbo 8ATBosch MG1CP007 TC299TPRD, WR

We introduce a protocol also for the SAAB equipped with ECU Bosch EDC17CP21. It is about Diesel vehicles, in production since 2009. With this Service Mode protocol, to repair and recalibrate the ECUS becomes the order of the day. The interventions on the ECUS of this kind of vehicles, for a few years already in circulation, are common and the possibility to intervene safely and quickly, allows you to work to the maximum of your potential.

Bosch EDC17CP21

Model ECU Functions
Saab 95 2.0 16v TTiDBosch EDC17C19 TC1792RD, WR
Saab 95 2.0 TiD 6ATBosch EDC17CP21 TC1792RD, WR
Saab 95 2.0 TiD 6MTBosch EDC17CP21 TC1792RD, WR
Saab 95 2.0 TTiD 6ATBosch EDC17CP21 TC1792RD, WR
Saab 95 2.0 TTiD 6MTBosch EDC17CP21 TC1792RD, WR