Agrale Omnibus, now supported by KESSv2!

News on the way, especially for the South American market, where the protagonist vehicle is mainly sold: from today Agrale Omnibus, the diesel bus with ECU Continental CM2150E, is added to the list of vehicles supported by KESSv2.

You will be able to read and write, through the standard OBD communication line, the ECU entire contents. Do you want to create a new collaborators network? Satisfy your customers’ request and the garages you work with! KESSv2 is available in two different versions: choose the one that best suits your needs!

With KESSv2 Master, after reading the mapping file, present in the ECU, you can modify it in its operating parameters with the ECM Titanium software according to the specific requests of your customer, to write back it later in the ECU.

The KESSv2 Slave Solution, is dedicated for those garages that want to quickly penetrate in the Chiptuning world. Offering to you personalized files just for you.

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Agrale Omnibus ECU remapping supported in OBD2

Agrale Omnibus ECU remapping supported in OBD2

Model ECU Functions
Agrale Omnibus MT17.0 6.7L I6Continental CM2150ERD, WR

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