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Alfa Romeo Giulietta, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz Axor 1933 and Volkswagen Passat B 7 Variant: learn to remap them with Alientech Academy!

We added new online courses! These monographic training units allow you to maximize your vehicle to its maximum potential, without compromising safety and reliability.  

You can watch the video lectures wherever and whenever you want, thanks to the e-learning mode. Videos that will show you useful remapping practices on cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors and gearbox, according to the type of engine they are equipped with: petrol, diesel, hybrids.

The course can be followed by both beginner tuners and more experienced tuners. In less than an hour you will learn all you need to know to easily remap your car, you can follow the wizard to edit the original file and, finally, you will check the results of increased performance and diagnostic tests. In short, these courses are a concentration of knowledge at an affordable price: it will allow you to increase both your skills as a tuner and the number of vehicles passing through your garage!

New courses on cars and trucks

Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Bosch EDC17C49

The Giulietta is one of the most popular Alfa Romeo vehicles: an excellent concentration of practicality and good performance. What could make it perfect? Simple, better performance!

BMW 3 Series 320d – Bosch EDC16C1

The 2003 BMW 3 Series 320d is a model appreciated by all car enthusiasts, especially those who love high performance. With this remapping procedure, you will learn to significantly improve vehicle performance without affecting its reliability.

Mercedes-Benz Axor 1933 – Temic OM926LA

The Axor 1933 by Mercedes-Benz is a truck specially designed for middle distances, and is therefore very versatile. This Alientech course has decided to mirror that feature…

Volkswagen Passat B7 Variant – BOSCH EDC17C46

The station wagon by Volkswagen is an elegant and comfortable vehicle, but who says that it can’t be feistier? Alientech lets you unleash the true potential of your Volkswagen Passat B7 Variant! How? With this practical online course!

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