K-TAG Service Mode: full reading and writing for Continental M4D Ducati and Bosch MSE2 KTM.

New Ducati 1100 Panigale, 1100 Streetfighter, 955 Panigale and Husqvarna Svartpilen from today in Service Mode.

With K-TAG you can read, write, and clone without opening the ECU of the new Ducati Panigale and Streetfighter, in addition to KTM Duke and Husqvarna Svartpilen. An update dedicated only to the two wheels, giving you the opportunity to expand your business and to satisfy the most demanding customers. Among the best-selling bikes in the world, aesthetic and mechanic jewels just put into production.

Continental M4D Ducati

Model ECU Functions
Ducati Streetfighter Streetfighter 1100 V4Continental M4D RD, WR, Clone
Ducati Streetfighter Streetfighter 1100 V4SContinental M4D RD, WR, Clone
Ducati Superbike 1000 Panigale V4 RContinental M4D RD, WR, Clone
Ducati Superbike 1100 Panigale V4Continental M4D RD, WR, Clone
Ducati Superbike 1100 Panigale V4SContinental M4D RD, WR, Clone
Ducati Superbike 955 Panigale V2Continental M4D RD, WR, Clone

Bosch MSE2 SPC572

Model ECU Functions
Bajaj Dominar Dominar 400Bosch MSE2 SPC572RD, WR, Clone
Husqvarna Svartpilen Svartpilen 401Bosch MSE2 SPC572RD, WR, Clone
KTM Duke 200 DukeBosch MSE2 SPC572RD, WR, Clone
KTM Duke 200 Duke ABSBosch MSE2 SPC572RD, WR, Clone
KTM Duke 390 DukeBosch MSE2 SPC572RD, WR, Clone
KTM Duke 390 Duke ABSBosch MSE2 SPC572RD, WR, Clone

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Choose to modify this type of bike means trying to get even more from something that is already mechanically perfect. These are very delicate interventions in which an expert like you puts into practice all his skills.

The purpose of a remapping is to improve the engine performances, first by studying the bike’s characteristics in its original state. It is a very accurate job, that needs to be done to then decide whether to intervene on the acceleration, on the sensors and the inertial platform.


Thanks to the electronic injection and the ride by wire, the throttle is managed electronically, ensuring the engine torque amount according to the acceleration or the road surface needs. With a remapping, you can intervene on this parameter and make sure that during acceleration, the command opens the throttle valve more efficiently and allows the correct air flow.

The sensors

They detect whatever happens to the bike, from the wheel rotation speed (for ABD and traction control) to the air temperatures and cooling liquid. All these data are sent to the ECU that elaborates in a few thousandths of a second and decides, consequently, by intervening on the ignition and injection timing parameters, and on the throttle valve opening, to offer the best possible performances. Obviously, more sensors are on the bike, more the ECU has at its disposal essential information to run the motorcycle and all its controls in a precise way and to intervene on them for visibly better performance.

The inertial platform

It is the most advanced sensor because it measures the position of the motorcycle in space and the accelerations/decelerations that he is under. To know the position of the motorcycle is essential to have more refined controls: for examples, traction control and ABS that can also work in relation to the bend angle and the active suspension. Basically, the engine will offer less torque and power if the motorcycle is very slanted, gradually increasing them as the bend angle decreases. And vice versa. Here too, with a remapping you can intervene to improve the performances of the mean without compromising the mechanic.

We at Alientech give you the opportunity to work safely and minimising error margins, thanks to the two new Bike protocols, because you read, write, and clone without never having to open the ECU.

Update now K-Suite

Furthermore, with the ECM Titanium remapping software, effective interventions, intuitive to use and faster and simpler recalibrations.

The Driver interprets the Original File zones in which you can find the engine management maps, injection system, advance, rpm, percentage of acceleration, turbo pressure and much more. Everything you need is at your disposal.