CVN and Counter? Not a problem anymore with Alientech!

Just a week after the last update, here’s an essential feature to flash BMW and Mini.
We’re solving one of the most critical and debated issues of the last few months: CVN and Counter traceability.

CVN, which stands for Calibration Verification Number, is the calibration checksum of the file contained in the ECU. The CVN check is a way to verify if the ECU calibration is compliant with the ECU factory settings. Thanks to KESSv2 new protocols 628 and 629, even writing a Modified File, the CVN will perfectly match the Original File.

The Counter indicates the number of times the ECUs Bosch EDC17 and MED17 have been tuned. Here too, thanks to the protocols 628 and 629, the Counter is not increased.

CVN and Counter will be displayed in the protocol ID in the software version field.

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