K-Suite 2.41

K-Suite 2.41

From now on, you will be able to work via OBD on this ECUs Continental:

  • VAG Simos PCR 2.1
  • Ford-Land Rover SID208
  • Ford SID211
  • Ford-Mazda SID807evo
  • VOLVO SID807

For some of this news, there won’t be a new dedicated protocol, because we decided to include the novelties in the related protocols already activated: there will be no additional cost and you’ll work via OBD. If your subscription is not activated, you can work via OBD Patch.

Moreover, many interesting innovations for K-TAG and new Transmission Control Unit supported!



  • Now you can work with the following VAG engine codes:


  • We’ve completely rewritten the Virtual Reading function.


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Possible connections on KESSv2 and K-TAG

OBD OBD Patch OBD Password OBD Virtual Reading Boot OBD Boot
Direct Connection


News on KESSv2 and K-TAG


Vehicle Ecu ECU Version Micro Maker Method
Bosch ME17.7 TC1796 Mercedes
Bosch MED17.1.10 TC1793 VAG
Continental SID208  TC1797 Ford
Continental SID208  TC1797 Land Rover
Continental SID209  TC1797 Ford
Continental SID807evo TC1797 Ford
Continental SID807evo TC1797 Mazda
Continental SID211  TC1791 Ford
Continental SID807 TC1796 Volvo
Continental Simos PCR 2.1 TC1796 VAG
Delco E39 Chevrolet
Hitachi SH72543 Subaru
Kefico CPEDC2.20.1 TC1782 Hyundai
Kefico CPEDC2.20.1 TC1782 Kia
Motorola NCG3 Chrysler
Motorola NCG3 Dodge
Motorola NCG3 Jeep
Bosch EDC7C32 Master & Slave MAN
Bosch EDC17CV45 Kubota
Delphi DCM3.3 JCB
Motorola CM2150E Dennis Cummins
Motorola CM850 Otocar Cummins



Gearbox | News


Vehicle Maker Gearbox version Ecu Ecu version Method
Chrysler ZF 8HP70 ZF 8HP70
Dodge ZF 8HP70 ZF 8HP70
Jeep ZF 8HP70 ZF 8HP70


  • Service Mode: Bosch EDC16CP35, EDC16C36, EDC16C39. The K-Suite software update adds the Service Mode to the ECUS Bosch EDC16CP35, EDC16C36 and EDC16C39. These ECUs equip BMW, Hyundai, Renault and Suzuki with Euro 4 diesel engines. With this new update you......

  • Reading function, also eeprom, added to KESSv2 on PSA Bosch EDC17C10. The latest K-Suite update increases the working possibilities on the BOSCH EDC17C10 ECU, equipped on many PSA group vehicles, produced since 2008. Today’s protocol is very important for your......

  • Bosch ME17.9.21 TC1724 supported in OBD (VR / WR). The ECU Bosch ME17.9.21 with TC1724 microcontroller is the protagonist of the new K-Suite software update. This is an ECU equipped on some of the most popular and sold Ducati models......