K-Suite 2.39

K-Suite 2.39. New protocols for KESSv2 and K-TAG.

In the last few months, we have worked to try to reduce the distance between what we have been offering and your real needs. We know there is still a long way to go, but we are working on it every day. In addition to this, we keep on researching and studying what are not yet your needs, but that they will be.

We want to listen to you, understand what you need to become a valued professional who chooses to use trusted and reliable original tools, because they are worth it and you would not want anything but these.

Update your tools and start working right away!


KESSv2 and K-TAG | News



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Direct Connection


Vehicle Ecu ECU Version Micro Maker Method
Bosch EDC7UC31 MWM Volvo
Bosch ME17.8.8 TC1728 Baic
Bosch MED17.9.7 TC1797 Jaguar
Bosch MED17.9.7 TC1797 Land Rover
Continental SID307 TC1767 Mercedes
Continental SID307 TC1767 Nissan
Continental SID307 TC1767 Renault
Continental SID309 TC1767 Nissan
Continental SID309 TC1767 Opel
Continental SID309 TC1767 Renault
Continental SID310 TC1791 Dacia
Continental SID310 TC1791 Infinity
Continental SID310 TC1791 Mercedes
Continental SID310 TC1791 Nissan
Continental SID310 TC1791 Opel
Continental SID310 TC1791 Renault
Continental SID807 TC1797 Volvo
Denso 275036-5810 76F0085 Toyota
Denso 275922-856 76F0040AGD Toyota
Marelli 8DF MPC5565 Alfa Romeo
Marelli 8DF MPC5565 Dodge
Marelli 8DF MPC5565 Fiat
Marelli 8DF MPC5565 Jeep
Marelli 8DF MPC5565 Lancia
Marelli 8F2 MPC5565 Alfa Romeo
Marelli 8F2 MPC5565 Dodge
Marelli 8F2 MPC5565 Fiat
Marelli 8F2 MPC5565 Jeep
Marelli 8F2 MPC5565 Lancia
Marelli IAW 8GMF MPC5565 Alfa Romeo
Marelli IAW 8GMF MPC5565 Dodge
Marelli IAW 8GMF MPC5565 Fiat
Marelli IAW 8GMF MPC5565 Jeep
Marelli IAW 8GMF MPC5565 Lancia
Motorola CM2350A Cummins Wirtgen
Motorola CM850 CAN Cummins Hitachi



Gearbox | News


Vehicle Type Maker Gearbox version Ecu Ecu version Micro Method
Abarth Selespeed Marelli CFC319 ST10F280
Alfa Romeo Selespeed Marelli CFC319 ST10F280
Alfa Romeo TCTC635 Marelli 8TDF MPC5553
Dodge TCTC635 Marelli 8TDF MPC5553
Fiat Selespeed Marelli CFC319 ST10F280
Fiat TCTC635 Marelli 8TDF MPC5553
Jeep TCTC635 Marelli 8TDF MPC5553
Lamborghini E-Gear Marelli CFC311 MPC5553

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