Alientech Academy | Xi’an and Shanghai

Training course in China: a 3-day course, organized by Alientech with Alientech Center Fujian/Kuala Lumpur, will take place in two of the main cities of China.

You’ll have the chance to take part in a unique training experience: through an efficient combination of mechanics, electronics and automotive information technology, we will give you all the know-how needed to map an engine immediately and optimally. The training will be taught by our highly qualified and constantly updated staff, in order to guarantee you the best possible support and clarify any doubts.

Don’t miss this opportunity!


 Remember: the last day available for the registration to China training will be on 8th June 2018! Hurry Up!




First day: Thursday 14th June

Second day: Friday 15th June

Third day: Saturday 16th June


First day: Monday 18th June

Second day: Tuesday 19th June

Third day: Wednesday 20th June

>>Program of the training course<<

First Day:

  • ECU. Presentation and overview
  • ECU hardware version and its definitions
  • Desoldering and soldering of an ECU internal components
  • OBD. Types and differences
  • Structure of an ECU and its main components
  • Original file: structure and storage inside the ECU
  • Analysis of the different types of protection systems
  • KESSv2: theoretical and practical introduction
  • K-TAG: theoretical and practical introduction
  • ECM Titanium: main features and different data view modes

Second Day:

  • Analysis of torque and power graphs for Petrol engine.
  • Notions on Petrol engine system
  • Sensors and actuators managed by the ECU
  • Air control, injection and advance for Petrol Engine
  • Creation of tuning areas and their percentages
  • Mapping example of a supercharged Petrol engine
  • Sensors and actuators managed by the ECU
  • Creation of tuning areas and their percentages

Third Day:

  • Tuning example of an aspirated Petrol engine
  • Tuning example of a supercharged Petrol engine
  • Development of a modified file and test on power test bench (where available)