Academy | New dates in Australia!

The last session of training was so successful that we decided to repeat that amazing experience! From June 19th to 23th, a new training session will be held by our Alientech Center in Brisbane.

Two Training Levels, that, through an efficient combination of mechanics, electronics and automotive information technology, will give you all the know-how needed to map an engine immediately and optimally. The training will be taught by our highly qualified and constantly updated staff, in order to guarantee you the best possible support and clarify any doubts.


Level 1


  • Practical use of ECU programming tools

After a briefing about the meaning and the typical goals of tuning, we are introducing from both a theoretical and practical point of view, the reading and writing tools as well as the tuning software created, studied and daily perfected by Alientech.  To get a clear picture, right from the start, of what you may need and why.
It will be held June 19

  • Electronic Control Unit: theory and communication modes

It offers all the technical and practical skills you need to work with the electronic control unit. What are the names and functions of the most important components? Where is the microcontroller interface? How can you open a ECU, without damaging it? How can you use the OBD on the various vehicles? All this and much more, in a course that explains everything on the ECU Tuning.
It will be held June 20

  • ECM Titanium Tuning Software

Dedicated to all wishing to learn tuning strategies, the names of the maps and the practical use of the ECM Titanium software, applied to the Gasoline and Diesel engines files. The right course to learn how to use the software independently and efficiently.
It will be held June 21


Level 2


  • Focus on Petrol engines tuning

To work with professionalism and competence on petrol engines you have to know the systems that make it up: the course program will present all you need to know on a modern petrol engine. In addition, many practical tuning examples to be prepared to work on every vehicle.
It will be held June 22

  • Focus on Diesel engines tuning

The mapping of a diesel engine could give great satisfaction, but you have to know how to work on it to have great performance. Therefore, during this course, in addition to the theoretical part, we’ll also illustrate many examples on different Ecus: Continental, Denso and Bosch.
It will be held June 23